Adaptive Leadership is a unique framework that gives leaders the acumen to diagnose and then address leadership challenges. Based on the work of Marty Linksy and Ronald Heifetz of Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, adaptive leadership offers practical wisdom on how to thrive as a leader in today's tumultuous organizational climate.

An adaptive framework shifts the conversation from "what can we do?" to "what needs to happen?" Especially in today's workplace, where charters, laws, regulations and rules dictate our actions, adaptive leadership offers a renewed approach to solving problems. Understanding the concepts and skills of adaptive leadership give leaders strength and flexibility to address the challenges they face. 


Principles of Adaptive Leadership (Heifitz & LInsky) are embedded in all of the leadership courses offered through Innovations In Training. However, since the principles and approaches underscoring this framework are so unique - and so effective - Innovations in Training offers stand-alone workshops on this topic. Please contact Karen Main for more information on bringing Adaptive Leadership to your organization.

Introduction to Adaptive Leadership (1 hour)

What does it mean to be an "adaptive" leader? This 1-hour overview is a perfect way to

introduce your leadership team to the possibilities afforded by Adaptive Leadership.

It covers:

  • What is Adaptive Leadership

  • Types of challenges

  • The challenges of authority


The Art of Adaptive Leadership (4 hours)

"Why are we having so much trouble creating forward movement on this project?"

"Why can't we get our stakeholders to see things our way?" "Things are going to have to change here - and dramatically - if we're going to get anything done." 

If you've ever heard any of the above phrases during one of your leadership meetings, then the framework of adaptive leadership may provide you and your team with much-needed tools. Spend a few hours learning about the framework and concepts associated with Adaptive Leadership and watch how your leadership team begins to address change and workplace challenges in a far more useful and productive manner. As an introduction to the practice, we'll address:

  • Understanding the uses - and limits - of authority

  • Types of challenges: technical and adaptive

  • The risks of adaptive leadership

  • Shifting paradigms

  • Diagnosing the issue

  • Diagnosing your stake in the matter

  • Orchestrating conflict

This workshop relies on the active engagement of participants and uses thought-provoking, in-class discussion and activities to illustrate principles and create deep reflection. 


The Art of Adaptive Leadership (Custom)

Once your team has been introduced to the principles of Adaptive Leadership, I strongly recommend a series of short, facilitated, follow-up meetings to review concepts, discuss situations that have arisen and provide ongoing feedback and reinforcement. Contact Karen Main to discuss your needs and create a custom road map for your organization.


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