It could be safely argued that your front-line supervisors have the most influence over

productivity, morale and culture in your organization. Don't be one of "those" organizations

who throws their supervisors into the fire without giving them the information, training and

support they need to make a positive impact...

It doesn't get any easier than this: the workshops below can all be delivered in 2.5 to 4 hour segments.

Piece them together over the course of a year and you've got yourself a powerful and effective training

program that will support, encourage and guide your supervisors. 

Starting Off Right as a Supervisor

So now that you’re a supervisor, where do you begin? In this workshop, we will outline the core responsibilities and functions of a supervisor. 


Supervisor as Coach

Today’s supervisors perform more as performance coaches: they delegate assignments, provide feedback, re-direct when necessary and ensure that folks are following through on their commitments. 



Performance Management

Learn effective ways to provide feedback, theories regarding individual motivation, and the primary underpinnings of an effective team. This knowledge will help you structure your actions to be a purposive and strategic supervisor and manager, the kind of boss YOU want to work for!



Are you a leader or a boss?

Being in charge doesn’t necessarily make you a leader. And, in fact, there are situations that require firm direction and others that call for group decision-making. Explore the many different facets of leadership in this workshop, including the distinctions between management and leadership. You’ll assess the ethical framework you bring to your role as a supervisor and link this to organizational performance.


Delegation: The Essence of Leadership

As you’ll discover, leadership isn’t so much about doing, but more about creating: creating greatness in others. Delegation is the key to making this happen. 


Communication Matters

The most effective supervisors create systems that work for them for communicating effectively with their staff.


Yes, Conflict

Conflict: the very word is enough to send some folks into hiding.  As a supervisor, it’s imperative that you have some key skills at your disposal to ask the right questions, listen for meaning and lead others through periods of dissent.


Onboarding for Success

Once hired, it's no long effective to just let the new team member "sink or swim." Learn how to create a strategic onboarding program to ensure your employees' success from Day 1.


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